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Specialized Inspections Co. Ltd. (SICO) is a fully owned Saudi Company operating since 2007.

SICO is fully committed to realizing its customer’s requirements as per its Quality Management System. SICO has successfully completed a variety of projects for a vast number of satisfied customers. 

Public demand for greater environmental control, in addition to the potential cost and loss of product, service and even life, total an “expense” not accountable for in dollars alone.  However, this “expense” can be reduced with the enforcing of more stringent quality assurance controls and this is attainable with non-destructive testing. Whether it is the utilization of long-established inspection techniques or the development of a revolutionary new one, SICO has the equipment, personnel and expertise to provide a total non-destructive testing capability.

SICO inspection emphasis is primarily greater for Tank floor inspection, pipeline inspection, on-shore and offshore.  In the most recent decade, this market has advanced with great strides both in product and site application.  SICO has grown with the needs of this market, with unparalleled diversification and dedication unmatched in service, reliability and cost.





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