Acoustic Emissions (AE)

Specialized Inspections Co. Ltd. provides services of Acoustic Emissions testing on tanks and pressure vessels.


Using the most technically advanced fully digital equipment from Vallen-Systeme with the latest software for analysis and display, and with experienced staff, we are fully equipped to offer solutions to client problems.


Our main thrust is in provision of tank bottom and pressure vessel testing services, offering a non-intrusive "Global Scan" option to the oil and gas industries.


For 20 years the tank floor testing method provides a fast and reliable non-intrusive method of grading the active corrosion condition of storage tank floors with minimal disruption to normal operations.


The integrity of pressure vessels testing service gives the client a reliable and proven method, using the ASME code, of locating and grading any growing defects which may cause in-service failure. The method gives an overall scan and is used to direct conventional NDE to areas where activity indicates a potential problem.


We also apply the Acoustic Emission method for integrity of piping systems, hot reheat lines and other power generation applications.


We pride ourselves in offering a quality, reliable service that clients can trust and use with confidence to monitor their plant integrity to aid in maintenance planning.  




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